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How to protect a classic car in summer.

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Thousands of miles of coastline, hot summer days and salty ocean air make cruising in New England an absolute delight. But these same elements can spell doom for your classic car. By taking a few precautions, you can protect your vintage vehicle while still showing it off to the world.

Discover four tips for how to protect a classic car in summer:

  1. Protect the car from salt. Salt is one of the main causes of rust and corrosion. Most classic cars don’t have the kind of protective coatings that modern cars do, making them even more susceptible. Direct sunlight and humidity speed up the corrosion process. Put it all together, and a day at the beach is no day at the beach for your vehicle.
    To protect your car from salt:

      • Wash and wax often – Washing your car frequently is the most effective way to prevent rust from salt. Washing removes salt before it can do damage, and waxing creates a protective barrier between your paint job and the salty ocean air. Don’t forget to wash underneath to stop corrosion there, too.
      • Check your car for rust – When you or your mechanic service your classic car, check everywhere for early signs of rust. If you find a small rust spot, you could try a rust treatment to help prevent it from getting worse.
  2. Drive when it’s dry. Driving on wet roads gets moisture on the metal components of your classic car, leading to — you guessed it — rust and corrosion. Save your cruising for drier days.
  3. Park your car in the shade. Keep your vehicle parked in your garage when it’s not in use. Too much direct sunlight can deteriorate the finish and the tires, too. Waxing your car often and using a conditioner on your tires can provide protection from the sun.
  4. Let it hibernate in winter. Let’s face it, the odds of avoiding moisture and salt throughout a New England winter are not good. Storing your classic car in a climate-controlled facility is the best way to keep your baby in mint condition and ready for next summer.

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