We stand true to our word.

Travel Assistance

Our insurance goes the distance,

covering you everywhere on the map.

When you’re at home, you know we’re always standing nearby. Should you need us, there’s a local, independent agent available to you at any time: day or night. But, what happens when you’re in a different city? Or state? Or even a different country?

Because we believe a vacation should truly be a vacation, we keep you covered no matter where you go, so you can make the most of every trip you take.

At no extra cost to you, our team can:

  • Provide a list of precautions. Prior to an international trip, we give you safety information related to your destination.
  • Give you a direct contact number. In case there’s a problem, you can call your designated point person, not an automated answering service.
  • Replace lost or stolen documents. Whether it’s your license, passport, visa or airline ticket, your personal fraud specialist will work with the appropriate people to get you what you need, as soon as possible.

In the event of a travel emergency, talk to an experienced fraud specialist. Call 866.460.1776 or learn more by visiting patriot.myideducation.com.