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Sometimes when it rains, it pours. It’s why businesses of all sizes can benefit from having an extra layer of protection, like a commercial umbrella policy. Much like an actual umbrella, commercial umbrella insurance can help you weather the unexpected. It keeps you covered if ever you need more coverage than your standard liability insurance can offer. But most importantly, it helps you move forward with business as usual.

A commercial umbrella policy could protect you if:

A customer trips and falls in your store.
They suffer serious injuries and have medical bills that are more than your standard insurance can cover.


You own an auto repair shop, and one of your mechanics causes an accident while driving a customer’s vehicle.
If one of your mechanics causes a fatal accident, you could be sued and found liable for $1.5 million. If your commercial auto insurance only covers $1 million, your commercial umbrella policy could help cover the rest.


Your contracting business is found liable after an electrician comes in contact with a live wire.
After the shock, the electrician is hospitalized, and you’re found liable. You owe the electrician $750,000, but your standard insurance only covers $500,000. Your umbrella policy could help cover the extra costs.

At Patriot Insurance, our business umbrella policy provides this extra protection with limits ranging from $1 million to $10 million, it will likely complete your package of insurance protection. However, should you need to supplement it with a surety bond, you can. Learn more about Frankenmuth Surety.

For more information about a business umbrella policy, talk to one of our local, independent agents.