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Reduce costs and wait times

for employee injuries.

Patriot Insurance Company, in partnership with health navigation provider Medcor, offers an injury triage service for workers compensation policyholders. The service is provided through your policy and gives supervisors and injured employees immediate access to trained healthcare professionals at no additional cost.

How does the process work?

To take full advantage of the injury triage services, supervisors should follow the steps below to ensure the proper level of treatment and care:

Step one: An injury occurs

  • If the injury is potentially life-threatening, call 911 immediately.
  • If a non-life-threatening injury occurs, supervisors should call 833-833-1934. If a supervisor is not available, the employee should call.

Step two: Injury assessment

  • A healthcare professional will answer and ask for your company’s name and location.
  • The employee will then privately speak with the healthcare professional and describe the injury.

Step three: Injury recommendations

  • The healthcare professional will evaluate the injury (using patented assessment methods) and provide care recommendations.
  • If self-care is recommended, the healthcare professional will review the plan with the supervisor and employee. If off-site treatment is determined to be necessary, a designated medical facility will be recommended.

Step four: Ask questions and finalize the call

  • Before concluding the call, the healthcare professional will address any questions or concerns.
  • A First Report of Injury is automatically created.

Learn more about injury triage service in our FAQ document.

Flyers for office use, in Spanish and English, are available for download here after selecting your state of operation.