We stand true to our word.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, we’ll be here

whenever you need us.

Every day is an adventure—especially in the Northeast. It’s a chance to take a risk, to do something new and to fearlessly face the future. But to seek life’s next thrill, you need the peace of mind that you’re protected. And at Patriot Insurance, we help you live your one-of-a-kind life with the confidence that can only come from knowing you’re covered. So park your worries, and press on toward your journey—no matter what it is. As neighbors in the Northeast, we’re always standing nearby. You have our word.


We are a passionate and talented family of insurance professionals.

Core Purpose

To fulfill the promises of our products, support the communities where we live and work and provide a rewarding environment for all employees.

Changing your view of insurance one experience at a time.

Patriot Insurance is a member of Frankenmuth Insurance Company. Interested in our operational results? View our annual report.

Patriot Insurance operates in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. To view all regions where our company operates, visit our coverage map.

Patriot Insurance Leadership

Meet the team that’s always standing nearby—ready to help in any way they can.

Our Story

We have a long history of standing true to our neighbors. Learn more.

Commitment to the Community

Giving back is one of our company’s core values. Learn more.

What Our Policyholders Have to Say

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