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Have questions about our billing system upgrade?

We’ve got answers.

Patriot Insurance Company is implementing an upgraded billing system. Learn more in the Frequently Asked Questions below, including some actions you may have to take to ensure your payments are received.

Questions About Pay Plans

What will my pay plan be when my policy renews and is converted into the new system?

Your pay plan will keep the same frequency of payments, but the names of the pay plans are changing, and we’ve added a new option, as follows:

  • An annual pay plan will be called a “1-Pay”
  • A semi-annual pay plan will be called a “2-Pay”
  • “3-Pay” is a new pay plan offered
  • A quarterly pay plan will be called a “4-Pay”
  • A monthly pay plan will be called a “12-Pay”

Questions About Your Invoice

I have reviewed the new pay plans and understand what my pay plan will be when my policy converts to the new billing system. How can I change my pay plan?

Call our Billing Services team at 844-488-9777 to learn more about the options to change your pay plan.

Will my policy and billing number change?

Yes, you will be given a new seven-digit policy number and a 12-digit billing number.

Will my invoice or payment schedule look the same?

We have made some changes to our invoices, but they will still look very familiar. We’ve made it easier to locate key information, such as your basic account information, the amount you owe, and payment options.

I currently have two or more policies that bill on the same billing account number. Will these policies continue to be billed on the same account when my policies convert to the new billing system?

Yes, your policies should remain together on the same billing account number, provided that all policies have identical named insured(s) on each policy. If the names differ (including nicknames, middle initials, etc.), the policies will be separated and given different billing account numbers. If you find that your policies have been separated, please contact your independent agent to discuss adjustments to resolve the difference(s) and allow the policies to be rejoined on the same billing account.

If I want to go paperless, am I able to enroll in e-delivery for invoices or schedules?

Yes, log in to your Policyholder Services account, and click on Delivery Settings in the Billing section to enroll.

Once my policy converts to the new billing system, how will I be invoiced for premium(s) due on policy changes I may have on my prior policy term?

You will receive a statement of account or payment schedule from our former billing system for all policy changes resulting in additional premium(s) owed for the expired term.

If I have a credit balance on my prior policy term in the former billing system, will I get a refund in the mail, or will the credit transfer to my new billing account?

A check will be sent to you in the mail. A credit will not be applied to the new billing account.

I received two invoices, one for my account in the new billing system and another for my account in the former billing system. Do I need to pay both? If so, do I need to submit a separate payment for each account?

Yes, you need to pay both invoices, because they are for premiums due for separate terms. We apologize for the inconvenience. Here’s how to pay:

  • If you pay with check or money order, you can pay both invoices with one check and include both invoice stubs in the envelope. Please write both account numbers on your method of payment to ensure proper allocation.
  • If you make a payment by phone using our automated billing system, you’ll process the payments as two separate transactions, because they have different account numbers.
  • If you pay online, you will make separate payments for each account.
  • If you use automatic bill pay through your financial institution, please submit two separate payments. Please include the appropriate account number on each payment to ensure proper allocation.

Questions About Payment Processing and Recurring Payments

Will I continue to have the same payment options in the new billing system?

Yes, the same payment options remain available, as follows:

  • Make a one-time, unregistered payment online by navigating to our Make a Payment page or by clicking here.
  • Schedule a future payment on our Policyholder Services site. Note: If you schedule a payment to process after the due date, your account will be subject to a late fee.
  • Activate recurring payments with your credit card, checking, or savings account in Policyholder Services.
  • Update the card or account used to pay your premium in Policyholder Services.
  • Choose your own charge or withdrawal date on recurring payments for any payment plan (choose from any date between the 1st and 28th of the month).
  • Make a payment by phone 24/7 using our automated system. Call 844-488-9777 and select option 1
I pay my premium online using your Policyholder Services portal. Do I need to register a new account to continue with this payment method?

No, as long as you were previously registered in Policyholder Services, no further action is needed on your part. Just log in as you always have, see your new account number registered to your username, and select “Make a Payment” on the new account number.

I use automatic bill pay through my financial institution. Do I need to notify them of the new billing account number?

Yes, please update your billing account number on your automatic bill pay through your financial institution to make sure payments are properly applied to your account. If you do not update the billing account number, the payment will either be rejected, or it could be applied to your former account number and refunded in 14 days.

What time do I need to process an online payment to make it effective the next business day?

Payments must be processed before 8 p.m. ET to show up on your account the next business day. If you are making an online payment to prevent cancellation of your policy, your payment must be made by 8 p.m. ET to avoid cancellation at 12:01 a.m. the next business day.

I’m currently using a recurring credit card or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payment method. Will I need to re-enroll in this payment method for my new billing account?

No, you don’t need to do anything to continue having your payments transferred. Your enrollment will transfer to our new system, and your withdrawal or charge date will stay the same.

I’m currently using a recurring credit card or EFT payment method. I received one schedule of installments for my expired policy term and another from the new billing system. Will these appear as separate transactions on my credit card or checking account statement?

Yes, all policy changes resulting in an additional premium to the term that just expired will receive a payment schedule from our old billing system. Your credit card or checking account statement will show two separate transactions.