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Professional Liability Insurance

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Come oversight or omission,

we’ll come running.

Your business is covered. Your equipment is covered. Your employees are covered. But, are all extra costs considered? At Patriot Insurance, we know you’re only human. We know it’s possible to make mistakes. And we know how to help when mistakes happen. If something happens due to faulty workmanship, material, design or product, we have the coverage that can keep you and your business going.

What is Professional Liability Insurance?

Our professional liability coverage is important for:

Let’s say you’ve done the wiring for a newly built home. And then, after the family moves in, the house burns down because of a defective wire. The general liability portion of your commercial insurance policy would provide coverage for the damage to the home, but it wouldn’t cover the cost of rewiring it. Could your company spare the charges? A professional liability policy would cover the extra costs, so you wouldn’t have to.


If you’re a molded plastics manufacturer, your company may create containers and lids that store food products. But if the lids don’t seal properly, your customers’ product could be contaminated. The general liability portion of your policy will cover the product, but not the cost of manufacturing replacement lids. However, a professional liability policy would.

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