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We give you the coverage you need to live the life you love,

in the place you love.

Just like you, our home is the Northeast. And just like you, we couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. The salty air. The rocky coastlines. The rustling leaves. It’s why we’ve made it our mission to help everyone here feel even more at home. Because we’re rooted in the same community, we’re able to understand your insurance needs better than anyone else. We’re neighbors—which means we can get to know you personally. We can listen to your concerns over a cup of coffee and then keep worry from moving in. We can talk about what’s most important to you and then make sure it’s protected. But most importantly, we can work to make your home sweet home as secure as possible. You have our word. Explore our home insurance coverages.

Value Package Plus

For the peace of mind you want, get the protection you need. See how our homeowners insurance can keep you covered.

Ultra Home Guardian

Our premier homeowners insurance policy offers the most comprehensive coverage. Learn more.


When you need coverage for a condo and all of its contents, you need condominium insurance. Get started today.

Renters Insurance

Whether you’re renting a house or an apartment, protecting the contents of your home is easy and affordable. See how.

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