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How fleet telematics improves safety on the road.

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Fleet telematics technology offers businesses a way to supervise company drivers and vehicles that have previously been out of reach. When employees are operating equipment under your company’s roof, it’s easier to keep track of whether they are following safety procedures or working efficiently. But until telematics, employees out on the road driving company vehicles have been largely on their own.

What is fleet telematics?

A telematics system consists of vehicle tracking devices installed in each vehicle of your fleet. These devices allow the sending, receiving, and storing of data from the vehicles. Information tracked by telematics systems usually includes:

  • Location
  • Speed
  • Idling time
  • Harsh acceleration or braking
  • Fuel consumption
  • Oil life
  • Tire pressure
  • Vehicle faults

A report of this data is sent to your company via email, and is also available through a detailed, customizable online dashboard.

How fleet telematics improves safety on the road.

Good driving habits safeguard your employees, your vehicles, and your business’s reputation. Here’s how fleet telematics helps you promote those good habits and makes the road safer for everyone.

  • You can track speeding and other unsafe driving behaviors. Telematics lets you see how fast your drivers are going, how quickly they accelerate, and whether they are braking suddenly. Unsafe drivers can be made aware of improvements they need to make and/or offered additional training.
  • Cameras provide added quality assurance. Using cameras to monitor drivers gives them additional incentive to drive safely. The footage also provides context which may explain unsafe driving episodes. If the driver persists in unsafe habits, the footage can be used at your discretion in discussions with the driver. Camera footage can also be helpful if an accident occurs, resulting in a claim.
  • You can keep track of maintenance needs. Telematics systems allow you to track maintenance factors such as oil life, tire pressure, battery voltage, and more. This can help you stay on top of required maintenance to head off a breakdown later.
  • You can reward good drivers. In addition to pinpointing drivers who need improvement, using telematics allows you to reward those who are already performing well. This can motivate them to continue their good driving habits.

How fleet telematics saves you money.

Safety and savings go hand in hand. Fleet telematics can save money for your business by:

  • Reducing fuel costs. By spotlighting fuel-wasting driving habits such as speeding, sudden acceleration, harsh braking and long idling times, telematics technology allows you to encourage drivers to save fuel.
  • Reducing accidents. In 2020, speeding was a factor in 28% of all fatal crashes, 13% of injury crashes, and 10% of property-damage-only crashes. By making fleet managers aware of drivers who speed, telematics technology can reduce costly accidents.
  • Reducing wear and tear on vehicles. Poor driving habits such as sudden braking and acceleration can increase wear on tires, brakes, and other vehicle systems. Stopping these behaviors can help you cut down on repair and maintenance costs.
  • Saving you money on insurance. Many insurers will offer business auto insurance discounts for companies utilizing fleet telematics in their vehicles.

In a 2019 survey by a major fleet management software company, 55% of fleets using telematics software reported reduced fuel costs, and 42% reported fewer safety incidents. And many of those surveyed weren’t even using all the available features of the software. No wonder 86% of fleets now use telematics.

Want to learn more about using fleet telematics for your company’s vehicles? Talk to your local, independent insurance agent for recommendations and possible discounts on business auto insurance.